Thoughts to help you Plan, Invest and Succeed

September 13, 2016 in Investment Portfolio, Investors, SH&J Blog, Tips

What Data is Telling Us About Investors and Investing

We all make assumptions about investors, but what does the data actually say? Today we take a look at recent studies and publications to get more insight into the mind... Read More
September 6, 2016 in Medical Advocacy, Medicare, SH&J Blog

Medicare Refresh

During working years, most individuals have little choice in their health insurance coverage. Employees and their family members typically enroll in the health insurance plan offered by their employer and... Read More
August 29, 2016 in Investment Portfolio, SH&J Blog, Stock, Tips

The Pros and Cons of Owning Stock Where You Work

Many companies offer stock options and stock bonuses to their employees, but is owning stock where you work a good idea? The short answer: it depends. Below are our thoughts... Read More
July 12, 2016 in Investment Portfolio, SH&J Blog, Tips

Will Millennials Ever Retire?

“60% of Millennials think it is harder to plan for retirement than to stick with a diet and exercise plan.” Millennials and Retirement One word sums up how Millennials tend... Read More